Sit Down with Stacy K

Making you beautiful from the inside out

You’ve heard it many times before: It’s the inner beauty that counts. But as a professional style and transformation expert, I can tell you — it’s one of the truest statements in life.

There are people out there who really “get” the concept of this phrase and understand the soul of a person is what truly makes a woman beautiful. 

When we strip away everything applied to the outside (the hair extensions, the makeup, the chichi wardrobes) and get to the heart of the matter, that’s when true beauty is reveled. That’s when we realize it’s what we do in everyday moments and how we care for others that measures a person’s beauty. 

So come sit in my salon chair, like all my clients do, and let me make you over from the inside out. Let’s start with a few beauty tips I truly believe make a woman showroom ready.

Compassion Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And someone who cares more about others than themselves is truly a beautiful person. This isn’t easy. 

Empathy is never easy, but it is a sign of truly being beautiful. When you can look past people’s faults and relate to them on a deeper level and make a real connection with someone, this creates an attitude that lets others know they’re understood. 

Intelligence Smart is beautiful. When a person can hold a conversation, debate, or express their own opinion, you don’t rely on superficial things to make you look better. Words thought, created, then expressed are paramount beyond any little black dress, or accessory you might purchase. Words have power, and a person who chooses theirs wisely articulates inner beauty within minutes of a first impression. 

Spirit A woman with mixed priorities worries about her makeup and hair being fixed right. But a fearless person embraces what’s thrown at her. Constantly having to be made up is difficult to maintain, but a beautiful spirit frees you from these constraints. Smiling at the possibility of your next adventure rather than fearing imperfection reinforces to others that you’re comfortable in your own skin. 

Happiness Passionate people are the happiest people. They’ve figured out what drives them in life, and they care enough to pursue their goals. They never fret and always keep a sense of purpose. You can’t help but gravitate toward them. They can walk in a room and light it on fire. 

Perseverance In the face of tragedy or defeat, a person who rises above these situations with perseverance is beautiful. In fact, the impact a person’s perseverance has on those around them invites others to realize those who continue to work and try again when tragedy strikes are strong inspirations for their own lives. They will see you as confident and self-assured because you’re not afraid to fail. Beauty isn’t about being perfect — it’s about being you. 

Stacy K is the CEO and founder of, a hairstylist of more than twenty years, the 2011 Stylist of the Year, and voted one of the top bachelorettes of the Golden Crescent.


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